Pickle Party Recipes

Fall Has Arrived–Time To Pickle

Below are some of our favorite recipes to consider for your end-of-season harvest. We love a classic dill / cucumber style but also suggest a few alternative ideas, including using peppers, carrots, beans and even green (unripe) tomatoes, as your key ingredients. Not only are they delicious, but doing so provides another way to salvage your garden before the first frost.

Learn more ways to get the most out of your fall harvest.

Featured recipes:

Lemon Cucumber Pickles
   2-pint jars, lids, and bands – cleaned and sanitized
   3 lemon cucumbers per jar (or as many as can fit in the jar)
   1 or 2 garlic cloves, halved
   1\2 sliced chili for heat, as desired
   1 Tbsp salt

Brine Ingredients
   1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
   1/2 cup rice vinegar
   1/2 cup water
   1 Tbsp sea salt
   1/4 tsp mustard seed
   A few grinds of fresh black pepper
   A splash of gin (optional)
   1 tsp coriander

Slice cucumbers into rounds.
Alternate layers of cucumber, chili and garlic.
Mix vinegars, water, sugar, remaining salt, and gin in a pan on stove. Stir well, bringing brine to a boil.
Add mustard seed, coriander, and black pepper seasonings directly into each jar.
Pour boiling brine carefully over ingredients in jars.
Once filled, add lids and bands and let rest on counter to cool down to room temperature.
Once cool, refrigerate and for at least 2-3 days before enjoying. 
May also be canned for longer shelf-life.


Pickled Shishitos
   2 cups apple cider vinegar
   1 cup water 
   4 garlic cloves 
   2 Tbsp black peppercorns 
   2 tsp sea salt 
   2 Tbsp honey or sugar 
   2 Tbsp coriander seeds 
   1 pound shishito peppers, sliced crosswise into rings 
   1 Tbsp fresh mint

Sanitize jars, lids and rings.
Chop shishitos into rings. Chop mint. Place in jars.
Bring the remaining ingredients to a boil in a sauce pot for 6 minutes.
Allow to cool down for a few minutes, then pour into jars.
Seal jars. Wait 7 days before enjoying. 


Texas Style Pickled Okra
   4 lbs small okra
   7 cloves garlic
   7 hot chilis
   7 tsp dill seeds
   1 qt vinegar
   1 cup water
   1/2 cup pickling salt

Sanitize 7 jars, lids and rings. 
Wash okra well.
Pack the jars with okra and one chili per jar (for spicier pickles).
Bring remaining ingredients to a boil, then pour brine into jars.
Can for longer shelf-life. 

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